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Yenom Launches Bitcoin Cash Kit (BCK) for BCH developers

This week the developers of the Bitcoin Cash-centric mobile wallet called Yenom have introduced a new Bitcoin Cash Kit (BCK) for BCH developers. The BCK is a Swift execution of the BCH protocol and the 1st library (lib) for iOS which represents an important addition to the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem.

Yenom Developers Launch Bitcoin Cash Kit

Bitcoin Cash protocol development has been on fire recently as there’s a slew of new services and products announced nearly each day. Now the Japanese developers who developed the Yenom wallet have released a new library known as the Bitcoin Cash Kit (BCK). In addition to revealing the BCK library the Yenom developers, Hashhub, and the Crypto Age are hosting a mobile phone application hackathon on August 18. The protocol toolkit enables users and developers to keep up a wallet that allows storing, sending and receiving bitcoin cash with no need to download a complete node.

The Yenom group says that application development for BCH isn’t that advanced yet which has led to a lot of developers coding with the Ethereum project. However, Yenom clarifies that Bitcoin can create flexible smart contracts, but in order to do so the system involves layering. “In order to solve such a problem, we forked from Mr. Katsumi Kishikawa’s famous Bitcoin Kit implemented in Swift, and developed a library for iOS that anyone can easily develop using Bitcoin,” Yenom details in the Bitcoin Cash Kit hackathon announcement.

The hackathon will be divided into 3-4 teams and the planning and development of a mobile application using BCH must be completed in two days. Prizes will be awarded to the best team who is able to deliver a working mobile app prototype. Before the developers begin there will be lectures on the Bitcoin network and all of its libraries.

Building Blocks for Bitcoin Cash in Swift

The Bitcoin Cash Kit features several protocols that can help developers produce robust BCH platforms. BCK contains encoding/decoding addresses from base58, Cashaddr, P2PKH, and WIF formats. Furthermore, there’s also a BIP39 implementation, and developers describe that SPV features aren’t quite complete yet. Alongside this BCK also has transaction building blocks, EC keys and signatures alongside BIP32, and BIP44 hierarchical deterministic wallets.

Bitcoin Cash supporters and developers seem happy with Yenom’s recently introduced BCK, especially the introduction of an iOS lib tethered to the BCH protocol. Swift is a popular general-purpose programming language compiled and developed by the tech giant Apple.

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