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Wormhole Developers Address Rumors Regarding Security of the Protocol

On August 1 we reported on the Wormhole project and the BCH burned to produce Wormhole Cash (WHC) tokens. Since then there’s been a lot happening in the BCH environment, and Wormhole developers have felt the need to address the public with a declaration concerning rumors spreading about the security of the protocol. The Wormhole creators “welcome any constructive recommendations,” but “find no real evidence” to the latest rumors.

Wormhole Developers Address Circulating Concerns and Rumors

Over the last couple of weeks as people within the BCH community talk about the upcoming protocol consensus changes a few rumors regarding the Wormhole project’s security model have been circulating. The Wormhole creators felt the need to address the public about the rumors being spread and “intend to clarify concerns about Wormhole protocol in order to stop the rumors with this declaration.” Almost instantly within the blog post, the developers discuss how the Wormhole protocol is secured. The team clarifies that the Wormhole security is “guaranteed” due to the security of BCH network, traceability of Wormhole data as they are permanently stored in BCH transactions, a decentralized time-stamp service supplied by BCH network, and “any data failed to follow Wormhole protocol won’t be parsed by Wormhole nodes.”

The creators emphasize that Wormhole has everything it requires right now with the way BCH functions today. Unsubstantiated rumors about consensus improvements favoring Wormhole is false says the team. “Wormhole protocol will not rely on the execution of pre-consensus and Wormhole nodes have been operating perfectly since its release,” the Wormhole developers explain. Of course, we can pay attention to modifications and improvements on BCH protocol to ensure the synergy of Wormhole protocol. The project assumes nothing linked to pre-consensus.

The security model of Wormhole protocol illustrated.
Patents and Inter-Block Time Not Relevant to Wormhole

The developers also deny inter-block time being relevant to the conversation as far as Wormhole is concerned, and clarify that Bitcoin Unlimited released the idea in 2017 prior to Wormhole was launched. The declaration also mentions BU’s lead developer Andrew Stone recently introduced OP_GROUP, but the strategy didn’t get “widespread authorization from BCH community.”

“In our opinion, a Token solution for BCH network is important and urgent to BCH’s ecosystem. After extensive research of existing Token solutions, we decided to use Omni protocol Hence, Wormhole protocol was born” the statement details. The statement further discusses the rumors of patents and believes a “random” patent from 2017 is completely irrelevant to Wormhole. In the end, the team details how the WHC burn process works and emphasizes that no one has a corresponding private key to the special BCH address the Wormhole team has used.

“The leading 137-bit zeros in the hash value encoded in the burning address ensures that Wormhole team have no corresponding public/private key pair – The generation code of the burning address is demonstrated in the Github repository,” the Wormhole developers conclude. Read the full declaration from the Wormhole devs here.

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