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Well-known American Hacker George Hotz Calls BCH the ‘Real Bitcoin’

Well-known American hacker George Hotz, also called Geohot, has been talking extensively about cryptocurrencies lately, and more specifically about BCH. Hotz published a cryptocurrency programming video using BCH and showed people how to send a BCH transaction from scratch using the Python programming language.

Geohot Hacks With BCH

Well-known hacker Geohot has a reputation for being the first person to unlock the Iphone and jailbreak the iOS software back in 2007. He is also known for his relationship with Elon Musk, which he claims Musk offered him millions to create a better autonomous vehicle system than the current Tesla Mobileye solution. Recently, he attended the BCH Devcon in San Francisco and was interviewed by BCH Youtuber Hayden Otto. Following the event Hotz showed people how to generate a BCH private key from scratch using Python.

George Hotz aka ‘Geohot.’

While most of the 5-hour video shows Hotz coding and explaining what he was doing, the programmer emphasized how he would not be talking much about cryptocurrency politics. Hotz explained to the viewers: I know we’re doing crypto things today but we’re not going to talk about the politics of crypto because politics is for losers. Transaction fees are super low on BCH, the hacker detailed before starting the key generation process. He also explained how he learned a few things at the BCH Devcon the prior week. He continued: I’m Using BCH because it’s the real bitcoin.

Lightning Network Too Complicated in a ‘Won’t Work’ Kind of Way

Hotz also talked about the Lightning Network and the ETH network’s dapp projects. He said he likes cryptocurrency technology and reads ETH code for pleasure. He detailed that the ETH network is a “bug bounty” because he believes smart contracts open the doors to malicious hackers getting paid without breaking laws.

Hotz further stated that he was irritated with paying high network fees on the BTC network last year. BCH proponents on forums and social media enjoyed learning about Hotz’s opinion on the Bitcoin scaling debate and his informative Python lesson using the protocol’s code. As far as the Lightning Network is concerned, he explained the system is too complicated in a fashion that probably “won’t work.”

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