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Tron Foundation Releases New Suite for Developers

The Tron Foundation recently released a new suite for developers to use on the Tron blockchain. This comes after the launch of the Tron Virtual Machine [TVM], a Turing-complete Virtual Machine for the development of dApps on the Tron blockchain.

The Foundation has developed a set of tools to be used in conjunction with development practices on the Tron blockchain, namely TronGrid, TronBox, TronStudio, and TronWeb. These tools are aimed to help developers integrate innovative DApps into the TRON ecosystem with ease. The foremost of the tools is known as TronWeb and is aimed at connecting developers to the TRX blockchain. It claims to be influenced by the Ethereum Web3 protocol that is utilized by services such as Metamsk, except that it requires a full node and an additional Solidity Node that runs on HTTP.

TronStudio is a comprehensive Integrated Development Environment which has a TVM embedded into it. It also has an internal full node and creates a test environment for dApps which is both private and local. TronWeb will award developers with the power to send, purchase, freeze and unfreeze tokens on the TRX blockchain, including the TRX token itself. TronBox is an environment which allows developers to deploy smart contracts and test them. It functions on the API established by the TronWeb application.

The Tron team released a new version of the Tron Mainnet on 8 October. This was the version 3.1, and also marked the proposition of a community Super Representative to activate the TVM on the new version. TronGrid is similar to the function that Infura tool has on Ethereum, and allows developers to access the Tron Network. This also allows developers to build and release dApps and smart contract. It also provides a load balanced and hosted API service.

If the community reaches consensus on this proposition, the TVM will be activated on the Mainnet. This allows developers to deploy dApps and smart contracts on the Tron Mainnet. They also declare that their platform is just about 200 times faster than ETH and around 100 times cheaper than EOS. The Foundation is dubbing the launch of the TVM as moving into the “beginning of the smart contract era”.

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