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The Chinese Mining Giant Bitmain Offers Wi-Fi Routers Mining Cryptocurrencies

Have you ever considered mining cryptos while browsing the web without having to be a victim of some malware, of course? The Chinese mining giant has just announced it’s offering a few Wi-Fi routers with the capacity of minting digital coins while connecting you to the web. If so, Bitmain has an offer you could be interested in.

Mining Siacoin and Dash While Surfing the Internet

Days after we discovered that Canaan, the world’s second largest producer of mining equipment, plans to sell a TV set that doubles as a cryptocurrency mining rig, Bitmain, the leading mining hardware producer, has submit its offer in the new market for home mining appliances. We also have a crypto-heater already available, remember?

Crypto enthusiasts and amateur miners may accept the product with a smile, recognizing it’s not about the gains but the cool idea. The devices, Antrouter R3-DASH and Antrouter R3-SIA, are created to mint dash (DASH) and siacoin (SC). Bitmain announced on social media this week it’s releasing two Wi-Fi routers capable of mining cryptocurrencies. The dual-function routers are models from Bitmain’s R3 series of products. They can be bought with cryptocurrency – bitcoin core (BTC), bitcoin cash (BCH) and litecoin (LTC). The first batch comes at a special price – $58 USD.

The Routers Can Mine Other X11 and Blake2b Coins

The company promises to deliver the ordered devices within 10 business days after complete payment. Every buyer will also have an individual Bitmain account set up during purchase in order to check their mining status. Once connected to the web, the routers will instantly begin mining crypto in Bitmain’s Antpool. According to its product page, Antrouter R3-DASH has been designed and tested to mine only dash. Bitmain notes, however, that it’s possible to use it to mine other X11 coins, but the performance and the efficiency of the device are not guaranteed in such cases. R3-DASH maintains a hashrate of 300M/s ± 5% and consumes 24.37W of electricity.

The other offer, the R3-SIA router is designed and tested to mine siacoin but is also capable of minting other blake2b coins, again under the same disclaimer regarding the performance and the efficiency guaranteed by the manufacturer. It comes with a hashrate of 11.54G/s ± 5% and 22.6W of energy consumption. Both devices weigh 0.6kg. Bitmain is the world’s largest mining firm and producer of mining equipment including the ASIC chips used in bitcoin mining. The Chinese behemoth is valued at $14 billion and has reported a revenue of $1.1 billion USD in the 1st quarter of this year.

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