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Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Announces Partnership With Genesis Vision

The 2nd largest cryptocurrency exchange OKEx recently announced a partnership with Genesis Vision, a platform that aims at providing a private trust management market. The Genesis Vision managers will be able to directly trade on the OKEx exchange platform. An investor can become a manager on the Genesis Vision by creating an account on the platform and each manager is responsible to set up their own investment program. Succeeding which, the manager starts trading with the help of a broker.

The Genesis Vision managers will have access to over five hundred digital assets. Additionally, the exchange platform not only provides token trading but also futures trading. Futures trading can become very beneficial as it enables the user’s manager to open long as well as short positions. This could ensure profits for both the parties even if the market acts otherwise.

Futures trading could act as an exceptional tool for advanced traders in order to hedge open positions. The OKEx exchange platform is built with advanced trading instruments which will enable the Genisis Vision managers to open positions which they need and when they need it. The exchange platform currently enables users to increase their purchasing power by providing options for 10x and 20x leverage. In the context of trading futures, the Genesis Vision managers will be able to post margin and subsequently, use leverage.

OKEx provides both spot and package trading within a single package. This will enable traders to get access to a wide range of trading strategies which include triangle arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, index arbitrage, calendar spread, and correlation trading. Genesis Vision managers can also avail the flexible trading fee system, which according to OKEx is a volume-based maker-taker fee schedule. The size of the user’s fee adjusts in accordance with the user’s daily volume. This will enable the Genesis Vision managers to cut costs while paying fees.

UncoordinatedTau posted on Reddit: More liquidity for Genesis Markets is the next step for decentralization. Can only be a good thing. LEARNER a cryptocurrency enthusiast stated: New exchange means new crowd. New crowd means new business $GVT… Awesome…

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