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Cryptocurrency Baskets Are Growing in Popularity

For investors who lack the time, knowledge, or patience to sift through hundreds of cryptocurrencies, there’s an easier way. Crypto baskets allow traders in order to snap up a horde of digital assets in one go, without the need to be able to independently manage them. The number of platforms offering token baskets has grown significantly this year. But are they a smart investment for the savvy trader or a niche product best left to newbs?

A Bountiful Basket of Crypto Assets

2018 was meant to be the year of security tokens, or at least that’s what we were promised in 2017. There’s still time for that prediction to be proven correct, but in the meantime 2018’s big token trend is crypto containers. These comprise curated suites of electronic assets, often based around a specific theme, that can be purchased via a single token or even on a crypto exchange with a single click.

So far, crypto baskets have been largely geared around “entry level” tokens such as LTC and ETH. Coinbase Index Fund gives investors exposure to all assets listed on GDAX, but since these include various weightings of BTC, BCH, ETH, and LTC only, there is little imagination on display. Nor is there an entry route for retail investors; you’ll need at least $250, 000 to buy in. Not all basket-based services are as exclusive though.

One Basket, Many Tokens

On Tuesday June 5, a service called Flipside Crypto released a basket that was created in conjunction with Coinmetrics. io. Its smart contracts basket of the day contained eight Proof of Work coins. At the start of each new day, a new container is created, with each one rated according to its volatility, developer activity, and other metrics. Dailycryptobasket. com is a novel take on crypto bins to date, and one which shows there’s scope for originality and innovation in this field.

Daily Crypto Basket’s selection of themed tokens

Set Protocol is a project that’s taking a different approach to serving upward collateralized gift baskets of bridal party. Sets of ERC20 as well can be grouped together using smart contracts and exchanged via a solitary token. Then there are projects like FCTF (First Crypto Traded Fund), which aims to peg the price of 10 electronic digital assets to a single symbol. It even enables expression holders for you to profit from fees paid to some Dash masternode in theory.

Cryptocurrency Baskets

As a relatively new trading option, crypto baskets have yet to help prove themselves or to gain mass adoption. They also face competition from tokenized tasks that enable traders to follow the profile of experienced traders and to have their trades automatically emulated, with all profits paid back in the form of yet more tokens. For now, crypto hampers are still viewed as “starter packs” best suited that will new traders. With China’s Okex having just launched the OK06 Exchange-Traded Tracker, days after Huobi issued its own basket associated with 10 also, crypto traders will soon be in need of baskets to hold their the basketball of tokens.

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