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Cred Makes Investing in Cryptocurrency Simple in Four US States

Investing in cryptocurrencies is still a very intimidating task for some consumers. Cred aims to create a name for itself in this regard, as it is designed to let people make a cryptocurrency portfolio by tapping into 13 different currencies. There is no really convenient way to do so without encountering friction.

The Idea Behind Cred

Making cryptocurrency investing more desirable and appealing to the masses is a huge challenge. Consumers demand comfort without the risk of suffering from cost volatility. Cred provides some interesting solutions in this regard which may be of value to the right users. That appears rather difficult to achieve, mainly because cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile in nature.

How Does it Work?

By offering a mobile app for users to make their own cryptocurrency portfolio, the Cred group is targeting very specific markets. This ‘extra change’ will be used to invest in particular cryptocurrencies without users having to jump through extra hoops. Its primary focus lies in offering users the choice to micro-invest by rounding up payment card purchases.

One of the primary selling points of Cred is that it does not just concentrate on letting users purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum. Additionally, the company provides users with a protected and trusted investment platform protected by next-generation security measures. There is a wide range of currencies to pick from, as Cred supported 13 different currencies during writing.

As one would expect from a platform such as this one, availability is fairly limited. Achieving that objective may be a little difficult given the various regulatory requirements in each state. Those are four key states for cryptocurrency as a whole, although it is evident a nationwide rollout is necessary to make a huge impact. The Cred app only works in Missouri, Massachusetts, Montana, and California.

The Future of Cred

Getting more people to invest in cryptocurrencies is challenging, but applications like Cred makes it happen. More companies focusing on automating cryptocurrency investments on behalf of customers is a positive trend, as it can help the industry as a whole grow. Its business model seems to make a lot of sense, though it can only be accessed in select US states.

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