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Coinmarketcap Launched Professional API for Aggregated Market Data

Coinmarketcap (CMC), the popular cryptocurrency markets tracker portal, has launched a professional-grade API for aggregated market data and added support for derivatives markets as part of a major quarterly overhaul of its operations.

CMC Professional API

The professional API is meant to provide developers and institutional funds the ability to use CMC aggregated data in product offerings, providing price, market capitalization, conversions, and trading pair data that the site aggregates from hundreds of exchanges. This tool is intended for projects and investors that need to run more accurate simulations and backtest trading strategies. The business explains that it was released after a month-long responses and beta process with hundreds of users. The service has a few price tiers from $79 to $699 a month and there is also a choice for a custom Enterprise plan with up to five years of historical data.

“As part of our mission to continue growing the cryptocurrency sector with our partners, our professional API will ensure that the CoinMarketCap data that users know and trust can be integrated into every application. Our API comes with a best-in-class developer dashboard that will help every developer – from hobbyist to large-scale cryptocurrency product teams – make the most of our data,” said founder Brandon Chez.

Additional Features

The CMC quarterly update also contains the addition of derivatives markets, new exchange ranking, a newsletter, an events page, an iOS application update, and a glossary of crypto conditions. The iOS application now contains currency conversions between 32 fiat and five cryptocurrencies. The brand new events page will feature coverage of “community-led and fringe events.” With the addition of derivatives markets, the website now support futures, choices and OTC exchanges, and the business promises to include other data comprehensively.

As part of the exchange ranking update, regular fee, no-fee, and transaction mining exchanges are now marked clearly. The business declared its determination to support “transparency and clarity”. Two weeks ago we reported that, Coinmarketcap responded to accusations that it is implicit in supporting wash trading after a platform known as Crypto Exchange Ranks published detailed allegations of how the popular tracker incentives exchanges to report fake volumes.

“As our new product releases show, we are constantly updating so that we can help to develop adoption of cryptocurrency. If you also believe in what we want to achieve, we look forward to having you join our decentralized team all over the world,” added Chez.

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