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Circle Announced the Inclusion of Qtum to its Exchange Platform Poloniex

Circle, a peer to peer payments technology organization announced the inclusion of QTUM to its exchange platform, Poloniex. The platform further stated that deposits and withdrawals for QTUM have gone live. Qtum on their official Twitter stated: We are welcoming QTUM to the Poloniex family! According to the announcement, QTUM/USDT, QTUM/BTC, and QTUM/ETH trading airs will be enabled.

QTUM is currently the 27th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap. During writing, QTUM is trading at $3.96 with a market capitalization of more than $35M. The digital asset saw a hike of 4.57% in the last 24 hours.

Circle is a Goldman Sachs-backed fintech startup headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. The platform was known for operating a Bitcoin Wallet service to buy and sell BTC until the end of December. Nevertheless, the team further focused on improving global social payments and blockchain-based technologies. Circle has also launched a Bitcoin blockchain-based remittance and messaging application to serve customers without bank accounts.

Poloniex is an US-based digital asset exchange headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. Only a fraction of deposits is available online to make sure if active trading takes place. The platform keeps most of its deposits in air-gapped cold storage so as to secure the funds of users.

Circle in their official declaration said that their focus is on making Poloniex the primary destination for cryptocurrency asset trading ever since the platform acquired Poloniex. In their list of projects to be reviewed, the organization aims to focus on platforms that are blockchain-based essentially supporting new decentralized application systems.

A Redditor named Professornash commented: No one gives a f**k about Poloneix anymore. A Twitter user named PeterSealy1 said: This is great news but what about adding coins to the margin? It’s such a joke that you still have Clam on your margin but not BCH, EOS, ETC and so on. Another Twitter user named Voss_kilian stated: Poloniex adding a coin, last time this mist have happened 2014 or so.

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