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Cashtippr Plugin Integrate Money Button into WordPress Websites

A new application called the Money Button launched, giving content creators the ability to embed BCH payment buttons into websites. Not long after the release, a developer named Ekliptor published Cashtippr, a plugin that integrates the Money Button into WordPress-themed websites, so content creators can earn BCH tips.

A Revenue Incentive for Content Creators

Ekliptor released the 3rd-party Cashtippr application, which enables Money Button compatibility with the popular blog hosting service WordPress. Cashtippr is an open source plugin for WordPress-themed sites that have the ability to integrate software modules created by 3rd-party developers. Content creators can install the Cashtippr plugin to receive BCH tips or charge money for hidden or paid content.

An example of the Money Button on a WordPress site. It has a few customizable options to choose from before embedding.

For instance, if an individual runs a website devoted to their art, they can add a Money Button to the site and collect tips from people who appreciate their work. Additionally, the plugin doesn’t require any coding skills to set up and it can be installed through the WordPress plugin store or the cashtippr.zip file on the Cashtippr project’s website.

The Cashtippr console.
A Range of Different Use Cases

After installing the plugin, users can simply add their BCH addresses in the WordPress admin-panel. The 2 features only represent the very basics of Cashtippr, but they have a wide variety of use cases, such as selling digital media and unlocking blurry photos or secret video content. Tip buttons can be added to front pages or posts by adding a shortcode: [tippr_button]. If the content creator wants to create a hidden paid content page they can just type: [tippr_hide]your hidden text[/tippr_hide].

The Cashtippr plugin offers a number of options and advanced settings.

Cashtippr also includes advanced features that allow WordPress website owners to set limits on how many hidden posts new users can view by using cookies. Users can embed a link to a BCH faucet on the bottom of the page or show hidden content to search engines. They can set a range of full access passes to specific hidden content, or set up a donations goals button. Hidden content can also have expiry times for when the posts age and readers can then view them for free. It is free and the receiving address can be set to any wallet, but people who want to pay with the Money Button need to register. Soon, the Money Button creators may charge a fee for high-traffic publications and popular applications.

In order to enable Cashtippr and the Money Button in Safari, the privacy settings have to be configured in iOS or desktop browsers.

Safari users will initially have a problem using the Money Button and the Cashtippr plugin due to Apple’s privacy guidelines. However, if they disable the “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” option on iOS, the Money Button can then be used in the Safari mobile browser. Safari desktop users will have to use the “Preferences’” option in the browser and navigate to the “Privacy” section. From there, they can disable the “Prevent Cross-Site Tracking” software, so the Money Button is available to use.

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