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Canaan Creative Wiil Launch 7nm Chip Equipped Miner

At a recent press conference, the world’s second largest manufacturer of bitcoin mining rigs, Canaan Creative, revealed four new products. As well as the recently reported bitcoin mining television set, the company will launch a 7nm chip-equipped 30T Avalonminer A9, a Litecoin Avalonminer, and a household heater miner.

Canaan Creative Revealed 7nm Chip Equipped Miner

At a press conference in Hangzhou held on the 8th of August, Canaan Creative unveiled what it claims is the world’s 1st 7nm mining chip. According to Weixin, the Secretary-General of the Zhejiang Semiconductor Industry Association, Mr. Chen Guanglei, described the development of the 7nm chip “offering the Zhejiang semiconductor industry a chance to lead the world.”

Canaan also announced that it’ll be releasing the world’s 1st mass producer miner featuring the 7nm chips, the Avalonminer A9. The business promises that the A9 has a performance of between 60w and 70w per terahash and a hash rate of between 26.5 and 30 terahashes per second.

Public affairs director, Jianan Yun Chi Tu Songhua, mentioned: “The 7nm chip is called the global leader in blockchain repetitive computing. The world’s first 7nm mass production chip was created in Jianan, which is the power of technology and the strength of the group. The chip has the industry’s highest computing density, lower cost and greater capacity, low power consumption, high temperature and high yield.”

Mining Appliances Set to Start “Smart Home AI Era”

Canaan discussed three other upcoming products, like the Avalonminer L – a Litecoin with an efficiency of 0.84w per megahash and a total hashing power of 1,891 megahashes. The company also showcased its upcoming bitcoin mining tv set, the Avaloninside – which will feature A3210 16nm ASIC chip producing a hash rate of 2.8 terahashes per second and consume 100w per terahash.

According to Luo Yanqiang, “The principle is to use the traditional home appliances in the process of use, participate in the blockchain calculation, for the future implementation of household cloud computing for home appliances, and gradually form the basis of the smart home AI era.” Additionally, the company will introduce to its product range a household heater that mines cryptocurrency.

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