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Basic Attention Token Price Notes Small Gains

The year 2018 has been relatively successful for Basic Attention Token and the Brave browser project. Ever since that time, a large portion of the excitement has been nullified, albeit a new small uptrend appears to be forming on the charts. This solution has now received a lot more attention, ultimately leading to BAT being listed on Coinbase.

Basic Attention Token Price Eyes the $0.14 Target

Basic Attention Token appears to be a genuine use case in the form of the Brave browser ecosystem. There is more to this token than meets the eye at first. Although getting listed on Coinbase is often considered to be a major milestone for any cryptocurrency, it is not the ultimate goal. If the token, asset, or currency cannot be used for real-world purposes, it will remain a speculative tool first and foremost.

The current Basic Attention Token price uptrend looks somewhat promising. While it might not resemble the hype and excitement regarding BAT’s Coinbase listing, small gains are usually the key to long-term success in this industry. During last 24 hours, there has been a 3.8% increase in USD value, pushing the Basic Attention Token price to $0.1376. Notable uptrends in BTC and ETH value confirm something appears to be brewing.

Transferring BAT from an exchange to the Brave built-in wallet means withdrawing funds will not be possible. That is a bit of an issue for those unaware of this feature, yet it also shows Brave is not designed to act as a storage solution. It is possible to export the private key, though, so no funds will be lost in the process. On social media, it would appear users are getting confused regarding how to use BAT in conjunction with the Brave browser.

MaltLiquorPapi is wondering if anyone is doing now, or whether it is better to wait for the next dip. Cryptocurrency and token markets often evolve in mysterious ways, thus either option needs to be researched first and foremost. Based on the current market circumstances, one would expect more traders and speculators to invest in Basic Attention Token.

As is usually the case with large profits like these, there are questions regarding the overall liquidity of all platforms involved. It would appear BAT is part of a very appealing and lucrative triangular arbitrage option. As KoinKnight points out, there is good money to be made by following the steps outlined and selling the obtained BAT on WazirX.

All markets will eventually see big gains again, but for now, the slow and steady approach appears to be a more favorable option. A BAT price of $0.14 seems plausible, but anything beyond that may be difficult to sustain. Under the current circumstances, it would appear as if this Basic Attention Token price uptrend has some legs. Although no spectacular gains should be expected, this small gain can keep holders and speculators happy.

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