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AmEx Upgrades Rewards Program with Hyperledger Blockchain

Financial offerings giant AmEx is integrating blockchain into its rewards application in partnership with digital retailer Boxed. The employer introduced Wednesday that it is leveraging Hyperledger to let retailers create custom Membership Rewards programs for American Express cardholders. Its initial trial with Boxed will permit participants to earn 5 instances the everyday range of factors on sure products.

On the back-end, American Express will create a private channel on its blockchain with each service provider to facilitate records transfer. Merchants can then create smart contracts which robotically fulfill rewards software offers. Once the provides are live, “the smart contracts will robotically ignore the anonymized records on the transaction to American Express the usage of its private blockchain channel,” the agency said.

As a result, the service provider will be in a position to control what affords they are making, as well as customize its Membership Rewards structure. Further, the merchants will be able to “assign bonuses to items at product or [stock retaining unit] level.”

That being said, American Express reserves the right to alter the merchandise or brands being promoted. The organisation believes it can set merchants up with the new system “in a rely of weeks” versus the months it currently takes to onboard a new partner.

Notably, this is not the first foray with the aid of American Express into blockchain rewards, as the organisation filed a patent last 12 months outlining a possible rewards application that would be stored on a blockchain.

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