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Amazon joins the fleet of agencies investing in blockchain

On Tuesday 15th May, the E-commerce giant, Amazon.com Inc. announced that they are taking part with Consensus Systems, better known as ConsenSys, to move into blockchain technology. Amazon is going to expand their cloud computing arm to furnish their clients an easier usage of the blockchain.

Amazon is going to introduce “Kaleido”, a product of ConsenSys. They are aiming to furnish their Amazon Web Services [AWS] customers easy get right of entry to to the advantages of blockchain technology. AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon which presents a paid subscription to individuals, companies, and governments to their cloud computing platforms. Kaleido is going to be the first blockchain SaaS solution reachable on the AWS Market.

One of the founders of Kaleido, Steve Cerveny said that they are focusing on giving Amazon a simple platform to construct their enterprise on blockchain in which they can work on their innovations barring many complications.

A lot of foremost gamers in the enterprise are investing and benefiting from the blockchain technology. The lookup groups at these predominant companies are creating their own blockchain or collaborating with more than a few blockchain-based software program companies. IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, J.P. Morgan, and HSBC are among the leading monetary and tech companies who are creating and adopting blockchain technology.

Last week, a spokesperson of Facebook has given statements on a number of social media systems declaring that they have plans to launch their own cryptocurrency with their major focal point being on enhancing the cross-border repayments for their applications.

Facebook is exploring how to leverage the blockchain throughout their platform with a group led through David Marcus, the Vice President of Facebook messenger but there hasn’t been an reputable announcement regarding this matter. Facebook is planning to include a new blockchain to address their user’s privacy concerns.

A. Pompliano, a crypto-capitalist says: Amazon just introduced a partnership with Consensus to limit friction to blockchain tech for all developers. The big organizations are getting behind the virus. No one can quit it.

Xico Hold ‘em, a cryptocurrency investor tweeted: These partnerships do nothing for $bitcoin or $cryptocurrencies adoption. In fact they can also jeopardize the efforts to decentralize consensus..

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