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CoinDais offers various advertising opportunities to startups and businesses to promote and showcase their business to the world!

How to Advertise on CoinDais?

For advertising purchases of over $10,000, please email advertising@coindais.com for more competitive rates. If you have any questions, or you would like a direct deal with multiple creative, multiple positions, geo-targeting and other custom settings, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Advertising Options

  • Standard IAB formats: 728×90, 300×600, 300×250
  • Mobile formats: 320×50
  • High impact units
  • Event Partnerships
  • Article Stories

Premium Managed Campaigns and Sponsorships

Please email advertising@coindais.com for rates and further information on premium, managed banner campaigns or for discussing sponsorships or other advertising opportunities.

Premium, managed campaigns run across the following placements and can be geo-targeted:

  • Top leaderboard (728 x 90)
  • Medium rectangle (300 x 250)
  • Lower leaderboard (728 x 90)
  • Mobile banner (320 x 50)
  • Super leaderboard (1120 x 90)

Managed campaigns include reporting and support.

Current CoinDais Ad Policy

Here, currently, you pay per day, not per impressions/clicks. Therefore, your awesome Ad doesn’t suffer just because it is so popular, that people keep clicking it.




Self Serve Ads

Book your Ads Instantly

Advertisers can instantly book their Ads, in the respective ad space. After making the payment, send your Advertisement creative via email, along with your payment transaction details.

Note: We have the right to reject an ad creative if it violates our policies. You will then be asked to send a replacement creative.

Unsure about your Ad Creative? Send it to us first, by filing the form below.

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